Monday, August 23, 2010

Dance Party?

So the good news is my knee seems to be fine.  A bit "achy" in a way that reminds me of those leg aches many of us had as pre-teens.  Annoying but not painful.

I was able to do a very easy five miles on Friday.  Sunday I was planning on doing a nine-10 mile run with two-three mile repeats at a 10k pace.  Instead I exercised prudence and went with just a nine-mile run with no frills.  Today was a six-mile recovery run although I did run the last mile in 8:45, my pie-in-the-sky marathon pace.

The half-marathon plan I'm following (which was featured in an article by Guy Avery in the November/December 2005 issue of Marathon & Beyond) calls for twelve (12) 40-second strides, followed by a 2:20 recovery jog, embedded in a nine-10 miles for Wednesday's run.  I'm going to play it by ear and see how I feel after a couple of those.

Plus I get to run with a friend from out of town - Mary Wojnowski.  (That's a picture of the two of us after this year's Boston Marathon.  Mary's on the left.) She's in town to run the annual Hood to Coast Relay with her sister, Amanda Darlak.  You'll be hearing more about each of them in future postings.

Tomorrow is a day off.  I always take Tuesdays and Saturdays off.  I know some rugged Old Gals can still handle a six or even seven-day-a-week schedule but for me, that's ancient history.

My time on the DL did get me thinking about cross-training. (Yes, Monica, I have been listening to you!) But there aren't a lot of other activities I like to do except...I do like to dance! Usually in the privacy of my home where no one but the dogs can see me.

So I was interested to see another gem in Friday's New York Times' "Urban Athlete:" a story of two women in the City who loved to dance but hated the club scene.  So they started a women's only dance hour which has spread to about 10 other cities.  Including Portland!

Check it out at and maybe I'll see you there!


  1. I'd pay GOOD money to see you dance-dance-dance in public, E!!

  2. You are more than welcome to come with, Sarah, except you might "fail" one of the rules: no laughing at the other participants or in this case, moi!